Between the Danube and the Black Sea, in the heart of Dobrogea, lies one of the largest and most famous vineyards in the country, Murfatlar.


Welcome to a brief journey in times of Murfatlar! This is the best place to understand why we take so much pride in our heritage, the lands of Dobrogea and the fine wine we have proudly cherished for generations.


Murfatlar is a name that has made and continues to make history here, on the fertile lands of Dobrogea.

Grape Varieties

Dobrogea is generous and welcoming, and it is within her embrace that the grape varieties cultivated in Murfatlar have found their most nurturing roots.


3 hectare

The incomprehensible harmony of nature sometimes reserves pleasant surprises. Throughout the Murfatlar vineyard, you will encounter a place where the scorching heat of the Dobrogea sun is milder, pampering the vine with gentle golden reflections. There, the secrets of nature give life to unique flavors. Today is the time to enjoy this wine loaded with mystery. Only in this way will you understand the secret of the 3 hectares from which everything started.


The cornerstone of Murfatlar, Zestrea ("The Dowry") spices up the
times. With roots in the soils of tradition, nurtured for centuries,
the wine takes shape like a pastel handed down within the family from
generation to generation, sharpening its colors as the centuries pass.


Just like this hill that goes nowhere. Just like this sun that shows itself every day. Just like people, like the wind and the earth. That's how this wine is. Statornic. Like you, but also like us, the people from Murfatlar Wine.

A collection designed for experienced consumers who appreciate good wine, a range that will soon become a classic of Murfatlar wines.

Lacrima lui Ovidiu

Known as the only fortified wine in Romania, Ovidiu’s Lacrima returns to the table from the sandy shores of the sea after spending 5 years in oak barrels. It concludes the dinner, contemplatively, with detours through the history of the world, discovering the relics of ancient cities that can be glimpsed amidst witty conversations.

Sec de Murfatlar

The fresh notes of Sec de Murfatlar echo through the heat of Dobrogea. It accompanies the crisp yet refined remarks of those who always know what to order without hesitation. It's the wine for those who are in tune with the times and sometimes ahead of them, making the best choices with a mysterious elegance.


Museum and Tourist Point

You already know that Murfatlar produces wines that are rare to find in the world. But we, the people here, haven't stopped at that. We are ready to show everyone who we are, where we come from, and what we have achieved.

Wine Tasting

Although we carefully choose our words to describe the world of Murfatlar, nothing surpasses the expertise in the taste of our wines.


Address: 1 Murfatlar Street, Murfatlar, Constanța
Phone: +40753085080
We recommend moderate alcohol consumption. Learn more here.
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